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You will find notices of updates to the technology, the systems, the services, the industry and the local, state and national legislation and regulation which can impact the provision of security to you.

Johns Brothers Security is very active in support of the communities in our service area. Under Events we make every attempt to list those functions sponsored or hosted by our clients, our charities, and our affiliated organizations. Please feel free to notify us of your event or function.

This information will be updated as regularly as possible. If you have questions on any facet of our industry and what we are able to provide to you, please contact us.


  • Technology Changes
  • The dynamics of the security industry are swayed heavily by the rapid applications of miniaturization and increased production of electronic equipment. We must stay abreast of these advances and will post them to this site.
  • Service Updates
  • As our business continues to improve, the service component expands. We will provide updates as the elements change.
  • Industry News
  • The scope of the industry is ever widening. Herein we shall attempt to post snapshots of the most impactful developments.
  • Legislation
  • Local, state and federal legislation and regulations impact our industry and your utilization of our services. Any enactments which can affect you we shall try to make available here in digestible form.